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Default Re: Advice On Mac OS update from 10.15.7 --- or not

Originally Posted by Sugarnutz View Post
I just updated my mid-2015 rMBP kinda/sorta. I was doing two partitions, Mojave for PT Ultimate 2019.12 and Monterey for email, bills & such. I had just bought a perpetual Pro Tools Studio so I ended up going with macOS Catalina 10.15.7 because it's compatible with PT Studio 2022.7 and most of my VI libraries. Just because there are updates doesn't mean we need them, if your Blackmagic software does what you need then why update? If there are new features you need then by all means go for the update. My PT Ultimate is still alive and well on a Win 10 i9/64Gb/18Tb PC so I haven't lost anything going to PT Studio 2022.7 on the MacBook as it's for MIDI/songwriting/remote recording and that works fine as it stands. Anyhow good luck with your endeavor, I'm still installing VI libraries. I had to but an external 1TB NVMe drive to get all this crap on here.
Thanks. As to your question, realistically, I probably don't need the updates. I regularly develop a little too much anxiety than I'm going to fall way too far behind and thus must rush to catch up and make sure I'm current *enough.* In reality, what has at least spooked me away from embarking on an OS update for the time being is that I found this thread. If you're on 10.15.7 too and things are running smoothly, then that is yet another indication to me that Catalina seems to be working well for people (myself included). The number of posts in the thread I found about all kinds of problems arising from an OS "update" have sort of scared me least for the time being! --

To complicate matters I'm paying for perpetual support every year but currently spooked into staying behind so I don't know, time will tell. But no need to rush into this either way
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