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Default partition help. PT 6.9.2 on one, PT 7 on the other

hey guys

so since i've been having a lot of trouble with pro tools 7 i was thinking of creating a partition on my hard drive or having 2 users.

i'm looking for the best way to have 2 versions of pro tools on my system. i want to be able to continue testing pro tools 7 and any further updates until its running to my liking with little problems (as of now that is not the case) and i also want to have a more stable version to work with (PT 6.9.2).

can anyone recommend a method for doing this? or even if its a good idea? tips, advice?

and is it possible to save a pro tools 7 session in PT LE 7 and open it in PT LE 6.9.2?

any help on this would be much appreciated.


Power Mac G5 dual 2.5 ghz
1 gig ram
80 gig boot
160 gig media
120 gig firewire
Pro Tools LE 7 (newest CS update)
mbox 1
OS X 10.4.2
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