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Default Delay between unSoloing tracks

Hi there,

Recently I posted a threat about unsoloing tracks and nothing happening and having to stop and start the song for the whole thing to be played correctly again.
Now, after degrading to 8.0.3, I still the same problem in a different way though: I solo a track and when I UN-solo, the whole thing is silenced and takes about 2-3 seconds to actually unsolo it and playback the rest of the tracks.
Also, sometimes when playing back the track and randomly put the locator in a different section of the song, it also takes about 2-3 seconds before it actually plays it again.
Any ideas on why this is happening ? I've deactivated all non-Digidesign plugins as I was afraid it could have been caused by a third-party plugin, to no avail...

thanx !
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