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Default Re: Trouble setting up microphone on Pro Tools using Windows

So you want to use your microphone and hear it through your computer speakers? Not a good idea, you'll wind up with howling feedback from the loop that will create. You need to use headphones and mute the speakers.

Pro Tools really needs an interface with proper ASIO drivers, not ASIO4ALL, which is a "bandaid" that allows your onboard soundcard or USB microphone to seem like it has an ASIO driver.

If you don't really need Pro Tools, I would suggest looking at single track DAWs like Audacity or OcenAudio, or a multi-track like Reaper or Harrison Mixbus. Those and others are not (nearly) as finicky, especially on Windows, as Pro Tools is. Avid is DIVA spelled backward.

As always, YMMV.
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