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Default Strange Behaviour When S1 Running With PT Ultimate

Hi there,

I have been seeing some very odd and rather frustrating behaviour whenever my S1 is plugged in running with Pro Tools. For reference, I'm on PT Ultimate 2021.7.0, Eucontrol 2021.6.1.7, and EUCON

First of all, whenever I press the three modifier keys Control+Option+Command together, every track in the session switches in to volume automation view. I primarily use this in conjunction with the command for setting all tracks to smallest height (Cntrl+Opt+Cmd+Down), but just pressing them without a fourth action key gives the same behaviour.

Secondly, when using the key command Control+Command+Down to expand selected tracks to fit screen height, one of two things will happen: either the tracks will expand to the correct height, but the vertical scroll goes off somewhere else, not displaying the tracks correctly; or ONE of the tracks in the selection will put itself in to volume automation view. It does not appear to be consistent which track it is that goes in to automation view, even when the selection is the same i.e. a group is forcing the selection of the tracks.

Also, if I hit Cmd+S to save the session, something happens immediately that modifies the session so that it needs to be saved again when going to close the session.

I have been unable to find any particular settings in either Pro Tools or Eucontrol that would explain this very frustrating behaviour so was hoping that someone might be able to help me get to the bottom of this. To confirm, when the S1 is not connected to Pro Tools, I do not see any of this behaviour, which has resulted in multiple situations of having to turn off my control sufrace just so I can work.

Thanks in advance for the help.
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