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Default Pro Tools (2020.3) on MacBook Air 2020 compatibility

Hi everyone!

I have a hardware question regarding Pro Tools.

Currently Iím running Pro Tools 2020.3 on a MacBook Pro Late 2013. Specs:

2.7GHz dual-core i7
16GB 1600MHz RAM
512 GB SSD

Sadly the computer is about to die and I wish to replace it with the new MacBook Air 2020 in this configuration:

1.1GHz quad-core i5
16GB 3750MHz RAM
256 GB SSD

I only use Pro Tools for music session in about 35 stereo tracks, a few auxes and a few master busses. Running Waves Gold, Fabfilter and a few Brainworkx Plug-ins.

My current MBP has some trouble running those sessions lately. Benchmarks are impressive for the little MBA.

Do you think the MBA 2020 will be sufficient for that task? Iím really on a budget and also needing a laptop. I know that it wonít be the best option out there, just wanting to know if it will work ;-).
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