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Default Re: Sound Quality Lost After Importing Files

I've transferred many tracks from my Korg D16XD into PT and have never had this issue.

The tracks always sound exactly the same in PT as on the Korg.

Also, if the vocal tracks were recorded on the Korg and transferred back and forth, there's no a/d conversion ocurring. The only a/d conversion ocurred in the Korg when you originally recorded it.

Even if you cleaned up the vocals in PT and exported/imported to the Korg, there's still no a/d conversion happening. It's all digital-to-digital at that point.

So, this is not a PT issue.

I've never recorded at 16 bit so maybe this is an issue?

I did import a 16-bit track from a buddy's Sonar rig once, into a PT session at 24/48 and it sounded fine.

Dunno, but all I can say is that PT is not screwing up the sound quality, something else is going on.

EDIT: Could it be that you have a mastering effect on in the Korg?
My D16XD has two master effect 'slots', in addition to the insert effects.
If you were listening through the Korg with the mastering effect on, it would sound much punchier.

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