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Default Protools Crashes at Launch (Every Time)

ProTools begins to start up normally, plug-ins begin to load, but once it gets to DigiRewire.dpm it pauses and then quits. I've tried to trouble-shoot on my own, reading the forums and looking for all possible fixes. I started by trashing all the usual ProTools preferences (com.digidesign.plist, DAE Prefs folder, Pro Tools preferences, DigiSetup.OSX, Digidesign Database Folders, etc.) and repairing disk permissions. I've run the pre-binding script, also tried using Applejack in single user mode. I've run the un-install utility in the protools folder and re-installed Protools 8. As a last resort, I backed up my system using SuperDuper and performed a clean install of Mac OS X 10.5.5 (combined update). But alas, I am still having the same issue. I am completely stumped. Please tell me I've missed something really obvious.

15" MacBook Pro
2.16 GHz Intel Core Duo
Mac OS X 10.5.5.
ProTools LE 8.0
Digi002 Rack /Mbox2 Pro
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