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Default MC Control v2 Jogwheel use freezes edit window

hi all,

I couldn't the answer on my question right now on DUC, so a new thread.

I'm a pretty new ProTools HD1 user, connected with a Avid Omni, so far my crossover from Nuendo works great, happily working with PT now!

I have a problem with my Artist Control V2, most things work ok, but when I use the jogwheel, I can't use my mouse anymore in the edit window. Above the edit window it is available.

When I press the the jog knob, the leds of REW and FF light up, also in the protools transport section, is that common?

I did all the updates, for PT, the Artist controller (also firmware), nothing changed...

I hope someone can help me with this.

Thanks in advance,

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