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Default Re: I hope that each note can be output to a separate channel in protools

Originally Posted by gdugan View Post
I'm not sure why you would want to do this. It doesn't make sense to me that you would want certain notes to be one articulation (like staccato). What if, later in your piece, you want that same note(s) to be played with tremolo or pizzicato?

It makes more sense to me to use one (Instrument) track for each instrument (1st Violins, for example), and use key-switching or a MIDI controller (like CC1) to change articulations. I use Vienna Instruments Special Edition and Kontakt 4, and both allow this workflow. Perhaps it can't be done in Miroslav.

IMHO, MIDI editing in PT is great. I can do anything I need to fast and easy.
Well, the thing is, Miroslav and Kick Ass Brass don't have key-switching function. It certainly opens up infinite possibilities if the notes in one track can be assigned to separate channels for all kinds of arrangements, as well as for strings arrangements. Maybe you could do even more interesting things with Vienna and Kontakt if they also had that option in addition to their current key-switching function.
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