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Default Re: I hope that each note can be output to a separate channel in protools

Originally Posted by edamame_zombie View Post
Yes I see what you mean although your question is a little different from what I am suggesting.
I agree with you that PT is behind Cubase or Logic in terms of what can be done with midi. PT states that it offers the cutting-edge operation system, and it is certainly not true with midi.
I hope PT will actually live up to what it says it is. As a professional composer/arranger, I will continue to report what I think is necessary to be changed or added to PT because I cannot really switch to a different software to communicate and work with engineers most of whom are using PT.
I am not talking about sending each midi track to its own channel, which I know how to do.
What I want to do is to send different notes in one midi track to separate channels; for example, a midi track has 3 notes, and I want to send one of these three notes to the Channel 1 of Miroslav, the channel which staccato is assigned to. This can be done if you are using Cubase, but not with PT.
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