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Default Re: I hope that each note can be output to a separate channel in protools

Originally Posted by JonLance View Post
Yep Cubase and Logic are strong in this regard, this post here that I created also ties in with PT not being able to separate midi and explode the instrument to different midi channels with the instrument being in tact, so you have to manually do it...
Anyone in their right mind knows the other daws trump PT in workflow for this.. though slightly different, PT doesn't allow for quick workflow in this regard.. I'm new to PT,but geez where have the users using PT been on this???
Yes I see what you mean although your question is a little different from what I am suggesting.
I agree with you that PT is behind Cubase or Logic in terms of what can be done with midi. PT states that it offers the cutting-edge operation system, and it is certainly not true with midi.
I hope PT will actually live up to what it says it is. As a professional composer/arranger, I will continue to report what I think is necessary to be changed or added to PT because I cannot really switch to a different software to communicate and work with engineers most of whom are using PT.
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