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Default Re: Dual Xeons & PTLE 6.1

see previous threads on duel processors

basicly PTLE is not wriiten to take advantage of duel processors so while you will see some improvment it will not be worth the money
more improvements can be made if you are runnig multiple rewire apps - basicly running PT on 1 processor and rewire on the other - i know people are going to start baging me on this just because they have not seen it done - you have to set the processor affinity in task manager - cant leave things to windows deafults

if you wish to stick with intel go for a fast Hyper Threading P4 - most of the advantages of duel processing with out the price tag - or turn off HT if you want official support and more heat for the same processing

cost and performance athlon 64 seems to be the way to go
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