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Default Re: EdiLoad v4 released with support for AAF and XML

Just released #EdiLoad v4.0.2. This version includes the following updates:
  • AAF Imports
    • Loaded clips now contain the full duration of fade ins and fade outs for all types of transitions.
    • Fix to load clips on multilayer vision AAFs correctly.
    • Fix to read Premiere Pro AAFs correctly when source locations use samples.
    • Fix to load AAFs for some European customers on Windows systems.
  • AAF Exports
    • For 23.976, 29.97, 47.952 or 59.94 FPS AAF exports, updated confirmation message with additional Pro Tools workaround info.
    • AAFs exported from 30/24 edit lists now export the source timecodes at the correct frame rate.
  • On 'Create Scene Change Track' window, added new control to remove episode numbers from clip name element.
  • While loading PDF shooting scripts now strip episode number from scene number for certain script formats.
  • Main window edit list column sorts are now retained after events are deleted or updated from the column transfer window.
  • EDL loads into main window now remove duplicate events or events with identical destination timecodes and track selections.
  • Pro Tools re-conform checklist contains now contains additional items.

To download the app installer, go to
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