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Default DAE error 9131

emac/ 10.3.5 /Protools LE 6.4 / MBox

I'm running 2 Lacie D2 firewire drives (one portable, one for backup). When I try to edit a session on the backup drive it tells me that the disk allocation has changed from the previous session. All well and good since the file I'm opening and the associated audio has been copied from the one in the studio. However, when I try to play back the tracks I get DAE error msg 9131. Why should it give an error message having reallocated the audio?
Having looked at the Digi answerbase it gives reference to the problem but tells me to reformat my drive. Bit hardcore that.

Any other suggestions?

BTW, has anyone experienced any problems with the D2 drives? I'm always getting 'Alternate header block problem' when I run Norton on it. Is this something to do with going between 8.6, 9.2 and 10.x?


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