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Default 2-HD1 and 1-HD2 with HD192 interfaces FOR SALE

We've got 3-systems for sale, and would actually sell the working G5s with the hardware, if you're interested. LARGE PLUG-IN PACKAGES AVAILABLE, TOO! (contact via private email for specifics)

These are all PCI Core/Accel cards (Mac G5 PPC) and work GREAT! However, you are stuck with OS 10.8.5 and ProTools HD 8.0.2, but if you don't care, we could give you a great deal!

Systems avail. are:

2 x HD1 Core, HD192 IO configured 16-AES IO. 8-Analog IO
1 x HD2 Core/Accel, HD192 IO configured 16-AES IO, 8-Analog IO

Mac G5 2x2GHz PPC for above, installed and ready to work

Offers accepted. Hardware avail separate from systems. Emal me with any offer. We just want to find these systems a good home. They've worked well for us since late 2003 and have lots of usability left.

email eseaberg at davidjeremiah dot org for more info.
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