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Default Re: 2 MIDI Controllers for 2 Virtual Instrument tracks

I do it all the time here, with 2 or even 3 separate controllers. The tricks to making it work involve showing the Instrument in the MIX window(select View>Mix Windows Show>Instruments). That adds a row across the top of the MIX window where you can set each instrument track to look at a particular controller device. 2 other notes; you may hear nothing or cross-triggering until the tracks are in record-ready(hold the Alt key while selecting record on 1 Instrument track to get all to engage). You also may need to go into Preferences>Midi tab and select NONE as the default thru instrument. Working fine here with a Roland kit, a Motif es8 and a cheap Ensoniq keyboard for Addictive Drums. MiniGrand and DB-33.
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