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Default Re: issues with midi controller and access violation occur message

After some troubleshooting with this here's what I found. The issue of the M-Audio keyboard message and the access violation error message 0x0000000000000000 when exiting the Pro Tools 12 application look like they are 2 different things, even though they seemed to have started at exactly the same time, so take that with a grain of salt. In regards to the M-Audio keyboard not being recognized message after starting a Pro Tools session, It appears this has to do with only the part about using the M-Audio keyboard as a controller. I discovered if you remove the M-Audio keyboard in the Setup>Peripherals>Controllers dialog box, and make sure the keyboard is still set up in Audio Midi Setup (Windows). The keyboard still works fine as far as playing your keyboard. You just don"t have the ability to use it as a controller with Pro Tools for the other items on the keyboard with HyperControl but as we all know we haven't been able to use it for that for PT11 and 12 anyway. I'm surprised Avid hasn't just told everybody not to enter it in the dialog box or removed the M-Audio option in 11 and 12 anyway. So disable that and you don't get the message at startup anymore.
Issue#2 with the error message when closing down Pro Tools. I did 2 things and it went away. Since I don't use the DX Driver I uninstalled it and I uninstalled Pro Tools and the HD driver and re-installed and all is now ok. Don't know which of those two things fixed it but one of them did. I did not have to trash all my preferences and they were still all there after re-installing. I'm on Pro Tools 12.4 HD by the way. Hope that helps someone down the line.
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