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Default Re: Please help with 7401 error launching Trilian and Omnisphere(Sandra report includ

Originally Posted by danander11 View Post
For Trilian, roll back your updates to 1.1.4... The newest one 1.2.0n throws a 7401 for a lot of people. According to their tech dept (as of this morning), they still don't know how to resolve it or why it's happening.

May be the same issue with Omni as well...

The only thing they show on their site is for RMX and you have to manually move a dll file to another location.. If you're only using RTAS it shouldn't matter much., but that's all they have.

Good luck.
The strange thing is that I started getting the 7401 error before updating. I just did the update yesterday to try to fix it so the issue was already in place. ...hmmmm
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