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Default Soundtoys PurePitch/SoundBlender on PT 6.4.1 TDM (win xp)?


I realize I'm asking an ancient question here, but I've recently resurrected an old TDM Mix rig running PT TDM 6.4.1 on Windows XP. I have a PurePitch & Soundblender license in my ilok account that I was hoping to use. I'm having a hard time figuring out if those were made for the old Mix rigs on XP. I know they worked on Mix rigs on Mac. I've downloaded a bunch of different legacy installers from Soundtoys, but none of them want to activate with my licenses.

Does anyone remember running these two plug-ins on PT TDM 6.4.1 on Windows XP successfully? If so, do you happen to remember what software version you were using?

I would so greatly appreciate any responses. I've spent hours and hours trying to figure this out online, so please forgive me if I missed something.

Thank you!
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