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Default Re: Here\'s how to fix the power harness on your 002r..

Dear Paddy,

Thank you for the information and the page you posted.

The thing happened to me just today. The symptom was that the SampleRate LED was blinking on and off randomly. I logged on and did the DUC search and found some resolution possibilities. Since I live in Turkey, I didn't have the luxury of contacting the digi tech support and have them send me a PSU replacement overnight. So I took my chance and went on with your suggestions.

It seems it all went smoothly but with one necessary addition in my case:

I opened the top lid of the 002R and located the power harness. I pulled it out gently. I sprayed some contact cleaner on the contacts within the harness. While plugging the harness back on, I gently pulled it in and out a couple of times to make sure enough contact fluid gets on the pins on the board as well. To not spill the spray onto other surfaces; I used some paper towel in the background of the area I was actually spraying. Well, this didn't seem to help solve the issue at first in my case. Well, I didn't give up right there though.

I looked for other similar power connections from the power supply to the unit. There are two: one (ConA) goes to the upper PCB (Printed Circuit Board - the green thing where everything is soldered onto) and is farther away from the power supply; the other one (ConB) goes to the lower PCB and is right next to the power supply. I did the same procedure for ConA as well. BINGO. The unit hasn't been blinking for two hours now and I hope it will stay so for the rest of its days. For now I don't feel like messing with ConB since that seems to be harder to deal with because of its location.

Thanks again for the info.


P.S. Always make sure the unit is powered down and disconnected while doing the plugging in and out. During the procedure, I haphazardly plugged ConA out while the unit was powered up which was a big mistake; this caused the unit to not power up at all, but then I unplugged and replugged ConA while the power switch was turned off and it came back; so watch out...
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