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Default Re: Here\'s how to fix the power harness on your 002r..

Thanx for that Ducky - at least now I know that someone appreciates the trouble I went to.

I also sent my photos and guide to at least 20 other people personally (those who contacted me by e mail) - I would like them to acknowledge this on this thread so that DIGI know that they should do a 'PROPER' version of this fix to include photos as well.

BY THE WAY DIGI GUYS - No-one on this forum as far as I can ascertain are against you - they are only crying out for PRACTICAL ASSISTANCE - ie photos and stuff etc etc.

We all appreciate your knowledge and help but 'If A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words........Then Why The Hell Can't You????..'

My photos and guidance are most probably very raw and unprofessional - so why don't you guys do it properly and just add a link - without liability as that seems to be the problem - to a specific place where exact,safe and detailed instructions are given for replacement. It doesn't have to be a secret because sooner rather than later someone will post your instructions on a site somewhere so that others know how to do a DIY fix. Remember this - when the unit is down - there is no recording being done - a lot of times that means no money is being made - the only thing it makes is a lot of people angry, confused and annoyed! I now have a document in my hand which I must sign and fax back to DIGI releasing them from all liability for a DIY fix if they send me a new harness. I don't mind that BUT it would make it SOOOOOOOOOOOoo much easier if we could all visit a DIGI site where photos and instructions were available. Also a lot safer!

I think it's a good idea anyway!????????

Once again here is the link if you need it - AND once again - courtesy of Jeff another forum member who assisted me with this

Don't forget to put your cursor over the bottom right hand corner of the document and then click on '...expand to original size...'

PS By the way Ducky - I knew it was a capacitor but I didn't want to sound like a smarty pants I was just trying to make it easy for anyone who had never seen the inside of a scary machine like this before.
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