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Default Re: Importing tracks and bounce to disk issues

From the manual:

Sample Rate
This option lets you save to any of several sample rates. Choices are dependent on your Pro Tools system and Pro Tools audio interfaces.

Sample Rate Conversion Quality
If you choose a sample rate that differs from the original sample rate of the session, the conver- sion options become available. You can configure the conversion quality, and schedule con- version to occur during, or after, the bounce. See “Sample Rate Conversion Quality Option” on page 1068 for more information.

What file type are you bouncing?

What quality setting do you choose?

"Sample Rate Conversion Quality Option
When you specify a different sample rate for a bounced file (for example, when mixing a session recorded at 96 kHz to 44.1 kHz for release on an audio CD), Pro Tools uses the Conversion Quality option to determine the quality of sample rate conversion used.
There are five possible settings, ranging from Low (lowest quality) to Tweak Head (highest quality). The higher the quality of sample rate conversion, the longer it takes to convert the bounced file."
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