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Default Importing tracks and bounce to disk issues

I recently had the following issues, working with a hip hop artist. Guy brings a cd with his music I import it into pro tools as usual. The music sounds slower. I don't notice this cause this is the first time I hear it. We record his vocals I give him a rough demo. He takes it home and calls me back says his vocals are off tempo. I burn myself a cd and listen to it over cd player and the vocals are late. I listen to the cd and then listen to the same tracks on pro tools and low and behold the music is slower on pt than on the cd.

Now just yesterday I recorded a band the recorded music was great. Played back fine. I go to give them a rough mix and again problem this time the music and vocals were fast. I didn't make the mistake of not doing 16 bit 44.1 bounce to disk. we listened as it was bounced and all sounded fine but when it got on the CD every thing played fast. Now get this I take that two track import it back into pro tools and guess what it's at the right speed. So I bounce that down but ths same thing happens? What's up with that?!

My system consist of pro tools 7.4.2 on a Mac G 5 running osx version 10.5.8 its a 1.6 ghz power pc g5 4 gb ddr sd ram. Digi 003 rack

Here is how I am recording some of my tracks. I have pro tools slaved to an adat via light pipe recording @ 48 k and have 8 different mic pre amps going through the adat lt analog using an rca - 1/4 inch snake to my mic preamps I get my signal into pro tools via light pipe. I've been doing this for years with no problem.

I've checked my I/O it's correct I checked my ADAT settings input analog out put digital that's correct or I wouldn't have got my tracks recorded with out having pops and clicks. I am not new to doing it this way. I don't understand how or why this is happening. I believe I did make some updates to my computer recently and I haven't recording anything since before the updates.

I didn't document what I updated either, not smart I know. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I really need to get this situation corrected quickly I have some upset people on my hands!


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