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Default Re: music prodcution toolkit question

Originally Posted by nst7 View Post
Yes, that's if you previously owned it already.

Once version 2 was released, if any stores still have version 1, and you buy it from them brand new, you're entitled to the upgrade free. Same thing for the DV Toolkit. In my case I had gotten the old DV Toolkit 2 (with Vocalign) on clearance after the new Version 2 was released, so I got the upgrade for free (the only difference being that it added X-Form).

It's the same concept as when you buy an LE interface (003, mbox 2) new from a dealer, but it's been sitting on the shelf for a while and has 7.3 in the box. You're entitled to PT8 for free.

I mention this because if you can find Version 1 left in any stores, it's usually on a clearance price like $295, $265, etc. So it's a good deal if you can find it.
Yea, same as PT 8. I got 7.4 after 8 and got free upgrade.
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