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Default Midi when using Reason Adapted 3.0.5 with PT LE 7.3.1


I have just started to investigate Reason Adapted after using PT LE 7.3 primarily for audio. Unlike many other posters it works fine in many respects and I have managed to re-wire it succesfully and get it to play all the sounds etc.

The problem with it I have is that I can not get it to NOT play when I am playing other instruments or even other reason modules. For example. I insert reason onto an instrument track and create a midi track feeding into it. I select the module I want on the midi track eg subtractor and start to play. However, I will then not only hear the module I have chosen on the midi track, but also the module that has been picked on reason. If I then create another instrument track say with BFD on it and try to play BFD, I will hear drums and the instrument track instance of Reason.

I must admit it's been a long time since I actively toyed with midi, but it seems to me I need some way of Reason 'hearing' any midi except that that comes via the midi tracks assigned to it, what i used to understand as switiching the local control off.

I would be greatful if someone could help.

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