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Default ELS Vocoder plugin problem and fresh Windows 7 install problem

Hi Guys, please help as I'm quite new to Pro Tools.

I have been running Pro Tools 8LE on Vista 32 and my 003 Factory for around 4 months with only a few issues.

I purchased the ELS Vocoder, it installed fine and I had no problem figuring out how to use it. Unfortunately there is a problem with it which makes the Software useless:

If I hit more than 3 notes at exactly the same time (or if I record in a Midi note sequence and more than 3 notes are played back at exactly the same time) the Vocoder will only play 2 of them. And, if you look at the plugins GUI, only 3 notes are light up.

The same happens if I release more than 3 notes at exactly the same time, 1 or more of the notes stays on indefinately.

I have tried every setting I know to get this working right as I have 3 projects to complete that all need this plugin but I'm absolutely STUCK!

In a bid to 'think outside the box', I decided to try and upgrade to Windows 7 on another Hard Drive and install Protools there, hoping that this error would go away but, this gives me another problem!

When installing Pro Tools 8LE from my DVD onto Windows 7, I get the Blue Screen Of death and it fails completely half way through.
I really am in a pickle here and would really appreciate your help. Eiosis (ELS Vocoder) are just ignoring my E-Mails completely so I have nowhere to turn.

Thanks in advance!
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