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Default I/O Layout changed by another application....

A few months ago I went from TDM to a MOTU 828 mk3. By far, most of the time, this works just great. Sometimes when sharing a session, or opening up a session sent by someone else I get an "I/O changed by another app" "error". This asks me to save & close, or just close, the session.

Now I understand this is likely due to some Coreaudio function, but what is a little odd to me is that it always makes me do it twice, before it (meaning Pro Tools) has corrected whatever problem it's seeing, though the error it shows me is the same one both times.

This actually happens so far for me, only when I change from a 48k session to a 96k session, or vice versa, but not when the I/O has changed (or playback engine).

I'm not terribly alarmed here. Doing what it asks, twice, so far always fixes the issue. But I' am curious to what is really going on and why it has to close & reopen twice.
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