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Default Re: Pro Tools First 2018 Crashing

Originally Posted by Dino1956 View Post
I'm new here and this is an old thread I'm guessing. Just joined so I guess I don't have privileges to start my own thread but I need help. Thanks in advance.I normally use Logic X Pro. I bought an interface and it came with a Free version of Pro Tools First Version 2020 9.0. I use a 2019 iMac. Monterey 12.2.1. I got signed up with Avid and am signed in to Avid. When I start Pro Tools First the window comes up but the Templates option is grayed out and there are no templates listed. I even tried saving my own Template but Pro Tools crashed. I am able to create a project. I have XPand II installed but I have only a few Plugins. No Drums, Keyboards, No Instruments. I'm on the Pro Tools Forum but have had no success so far. I realize I have the Free "First" version but others I know have that and templates and Plug Ins show up for them. I looked in File folders and I'm pretty sure everything is there. I even reinstalled it. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I would like to use it and make it functional. Thanks in advance.
Welcome to DUC.

Huh? *This* DUC is the Pro Tools forum. And you did manage to post this same message into a new thread.. Please follow the DUC rules and don't cross post the same stuff to multiple threads, you just waste other users time.

Pro Tools First was a disaster of a product (you can search DUC for hundreds and hundreds of threads about problems with First) and it has thankfully been killed off. You should not be wasting any time trying to use buggy unreliable First, even if you got it to work the chance of losing your work is well.... If you need Pro Tools you can purchase or subscribe to Pro Tools standard or just get a one month free trial. If you already are a happy Logic Pro X user there is likely little reason to move to Pro Tools, unless you want to collaborate with other Pro Tools users.

And First usually has very few instruments of amp sims or anything useful, you might have in principle gotten some more in a bundle, don't know and nobody here cares. It's deliberate incompatibility with all third party instruments and plugins means it was dead/a non-starter to most users anyhow.

Sounds harsh? I just don't want to see you wasting your time or losing work with an awful product which has been killed off anyhow. If you think you've been shortchanged on what you were promised with the interface take that up with the seller or manufacturer.

Questions/problems about Pro Tools standard or Ultimate are much more likely to get answered here.

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