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Default Re: SSL Native Essentials Bundle 49.99

Originally Posted by Ben Jenssen View Post
I know, thanks.
Could you perhaps tell us if you have any experience with SSL desk emulations, Chris? I take it you have plenty experience with the real thing. Have you tried SSL's own emulation? The more I try it, the more I'm convinced that I need it.
We have most of them and Softube Console1 mk2 etc etc ... HOWEVER after hearing the bundle on sale we actually bought it! I never buy anything plugin except VI and some Oeksound Awesome Tools but we bought this bundle!

Most know we dont use many plugins but I have to say that the SSL bundle is soo good I have a hard time hearing the difference between our SSL CONSOLE and the Buscomp in the console and our SSL Buscomp in a 500 rack! I was blown away with this bundle. I would actually recommend anyone looking for a true emulation of the SSL DESK to get this bundle. It’s 90% off and worth every penny and even probably worth 500 bucks too

All IMHO but I hope people see this and get the bundle before it goes up again.

Sounds a whole lot better than UA/PIA/Slate/Waves/Softube etc so grab’em while the price is this incredibly low :)
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