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Default Re: What happened to my plugins?


And realize in the last few posts you have several folks here who can help a lot with many problems, but this may be on that needs support staff help to look into accounts etc. But lets try to make progress here as well. We all especially want to know what is in your Avid account product download page.

If stuff is not making sense or you don't understand what some acronym means just ask. If are question you do not understand then just say... they may be key. We don't want to spend many paragraphs explaining everything all the time... but will if you need help.

Oh dear an Australian (I'm an Australian, living in California) Yes Avid international support can be a PITA, but you can open an ASC and work via email.

If you get into situations again like where it seems support folks drop the ball, then post the incident number here (post the number regardless as soon as you have it) and folks can likely get help for you (and not infrequently support email ends up in spam folders etc. so apparent lack of response is not aways support's problem).

This is an interesting puzzle, I expect it will look simple once solved.
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