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Default Free AAX Plug-Ins

2gether Audio: Cheese Machine 2 Free:

2gether Audio: Ticky Clav 2 Free:

2nd Sense: 2S EQ:

A1Audio: A1StereoControl:

A1Audio: A1TriggerGate:

Accentize: PreFET:

Acon Digital: Multiply:

Acon Digital: Reverb Solo:

Acon Digital: Verberate Basic:

Accusonus: HappyPlacer:

Acustica: Ochre Free:

Acustica: Tan Free:

Adam Monroe: Delay:

Adam Monroe: Tremolo:

Aegean Music: Pitchproof:

Ample Percussion Cloudrum:

Ample Sound: Ample Bass P Lite II:

Ample Sound: Ample Guitar M Lite II:

Analog Obsession: BESURE-N87:

Analog Obsession: Fetish:

Analog Obsession: MPReq:

Auburn Sounds: Couture Free Edition:

Auburn Sounds: Graillon Free Edition:

Auburn Sounds: Panagement Free Edition:

Auburn Sounds: Renegate Free Edition:

Audifed: ampLion Free:

Audified: GK Amplification 2 LE:

AudioDamage: FuzzPlus 3:

AudioDamage: RoughRider 3:

AudioFusion Bureau: SeteChave

AudioModern: Gatelab:

AudioModern: Filterstep:

Audiomovers: LISTENTO:

Audiority: FreeMod:

AudioThing: Blindfold EQ:

AudioThing: Filterjam:

AudioVitamins: Contra Free:

Aurora DSP: FenrIR Impulse Loader:

Avid: Graphic EQ:

Babelson Audio: Belle Filter:

BABY Audio: Magic Switch:

BeatSkillz: MAX 1:

Big Fish Audio: Momentum:

Black Rooster Audio: Canary:

Black Rooster Audio: Cypress TT-15:

Black Rooster Audio: VHL-3C:

Blue Cat Audio: Free Amp:

Blue Cat Audio: Freeware Plug-In Pack II:

Blue Lab Audio: GAIN12:

Blue Lab Audio: Waves:

Boz Digital Labs: Bark of Dog 2:

Boz Digital Labs: Panipulator:

Boz Digital Labs: Width Knob:

BPB: Dirty Filter:

BPB: Saturator:

Brainworx: bx_cleansweep V2:

Brainworx: bx_rockrack V3 Player:

Brainworx: bx_solo:

Brainworx: bx_subfilter:

Caelum Audio: Flux Mini:

Caelum Audio: Tape Cassette 2:

Cherry Audio: Surrealistic MG-1 Plus:

Credland Audio: Pink:

CWITEC: Sampler:

Cymatics: DIABLO Lite:

Cymatics: ORIGIN:

D16: Frontier:

DDMF: Transport:

DDMF: Tube Preamp:


Decomposer: Sitala:

DMG Audio: TrackControl:

Dolby: Atmos Music Panner:

DOTEC Audio: DeeGain:

DOTEC Audio: DeePanpot:

DOTEC Audio: DeeSpeaker:

Elysia: niveau filter:

Eventide: Pendulate:

Flux: BitterSweet v3:

Flux: Stereo Tool v3:

Forward Audio: faSampleDelay:


Fuse Audio Labs: VREV-666 SPRING REVERB:

Goodhertz: Midside Matrix:

Gramotech: GT Analyser:

HEDD: Lineariser:



HoRNet: Angle:

HoRNet: ChorusCM:

HoRNet: CompExp:

HoRNet: DrumShaper:


HoRNet: Freqs:

HoRNet: Harmonics:


HoRNet: StereoView:

Ignite Amps: Emissary:

IK Multimedia: SampleTank 3 Free:

Inphonik: PCM2612:

iZotope: Neutrino:

iZotope: Ozone Imager:

iZotope: Vinyl:

iZotope: Vocal Doubler:

K Research: KR-Reverb FS:

K Research: KR-Delay FS:

Kazrog: Thermionik Serpent

KiloHearts: Chorus:

KiloHearts: Delay:

KiloHearts: Limiter:

KiloHearts: Snapheap:

KiloHearts: Stereo:

Kiive Audio: Warmy EP1A Tube EQ:

Kit Plugins: Burier:

Klanghelm: DC1A:

Klanghelm: IVGI:

Klanghelm: MJUC jr.:

Klevgrand: FreeAMP:

Klevgrand: Guiro:

Klevgrand: SVEP:

Krotos: Reformer:

Kuassa: Efektor GQ3607:

KushView Audio: Element:

Le Sound: AudioSteps Free:

Le Sound: AudioTexture Free:

Le Sound: AudioWeather Free:

LVC-Audio: Limited-Z:

LVC-Audio: LVC-Meter:

LVC-Audio: PhreePhuzz:

LVC-Audio: T-Chain:

Loop: Cloud

MAAT: 2BusControl:


Manda Audio: 7Q Graphic EQ:

MeldaProduction: MFreeEffectsBundle:

Mellowmuse: EQ1A:

Mercuriall Audio: Chorus WS-1:

Mercuriall Audio: Greed Smasher:

Mercuriall Audio: Metal Zone Free:

Mercuriall Audio: Tubes Creamer 808:

Metric Halo: Thump:

MIA Labs: Border:

MIA Labs: Muscle:

MIA Labs: Fat:

MIA Labs: Thin:

Musical Entropy: Spaceship Delay:

Native Instruments: Free Stuff:

Nembrini: 808 Overdrive Pro:

Nembrini: Analog Rack Chorus:

Nembrini: Analog Rack Cleaner:

Nembrini: Analog Rack Delay:

Nembrini: Analog Rack Noise Gate:

Nembrini: Clon Minotaur:

Nembrini: Crunck V2 Guitar Amplifier:

Noiiz: Noiiz Filter:

NoiseAsh: Action Tremolo:

Noisemakers: Ambi Converter:

Noisemakers: PANO Player:

Noisemakers: SIREN:

Non-Lethal: Snapshot 2:

NUGEN Audio: A | B Assist:

Ohmforce: Frohmage:

Overloud: TH3 T&S Free Edition:

Pajczur: pajSoil EIS:

Plogue: Alter/Ego:

Plogue: sforzando:

Polyverse Music: Wider:

PreSonus: VU Meter:

PSP: PianoVerb:

QuikQuak: UpStereo:

Raising Jake: Stereo Swapper:

Refuse: Cheap RTA:

Refuse: Flipper:

RODE: SoundField:

Schoeps: Double MS:

Sennheiser: AMBEO Orbit:

Shattered Glass: Code Red Free:

SIR: SpectrumAnalyzer Free:

Slate Digital: Fresh Air:

Softube: Saturation Knob:

Sonimus: SonEQ:

SoundRadix: Muteomatic:

SoundSpot: Fat Filter:

SoundSpot: Ravage Lite:

Spitfire Audio: LABS:

SPL: Free Ranger:

SSA: aXMeter:

Stagecraft: AutoFilter:

Stagecraft: BitCrusher:

Steinberg: HALion Sonic SE:

Stillwell: Bitter:

STL Tones: Ignite Emissary:

Sugar Audio: Oscarizor:

TAL: TAL-Chorus-LX:


TAL: TAL-NoiseMaker:

TAL: TAL-Reverb-4:

TAL: TAL-Vocoder:

TBProAudio: dpMeter 5:

TBProAudio: GSatPlus:

TBProAudio: ISOL8:

TBProAudio: mvMeter2:

TBProAudio: sTiltV2:

Tokyo Dawn Records: TDR Kotelnikov:

Tokyo Dawn Records: TDR Molotok:

Tokyo Dawn Records: TDR Nova:

Tokyo Dawn Records: VOS SlickEQ:

Tritik: krush:

TriTone Digital: MuteTone:


Two Notes: Torpedo Wall of Sound:

U-he: Podolski:

U-he: Protoverb:

U-he: Triple Cheese:

U-he: Zebralette:

Ueberschall: Elastik Player:

UVI: UVI Workstation:

ValhallaDSP: Valhalla Freq Echo:

ValhallaDSP: Valhalla Space Modulator:

ValhallaDSP: Valhalla Supermassive:

Vengeance Sound: SCOPE:

VEVA Sound: SCP:

Volko Audio: Q3D EQ:

Voxengo: AnSpec:

Voxengo: Beeper:

Voxengo: Boogex:

Voxengo: Correlometer:

Voxengo: Latency Delay:

Voxengo: MSED:

Voxengo: Marvel GEQ:

Voxengo: OldSkoolVerb:

Voxengo: Overtone GEQ:

Voxengo: Sound Delay:

Voxengo: SPAN:

Voxengo: Stereo Touch:

Voxengo: Tempo Delay:

Voxengo: Tube Amp:

WaveArts: Convology XT:

WaveArts: Tube Sat Vintage:

Wavesfactory: SK10:

Wavesfactory: SnareBuzz:

Wavesfactory: Cassette Transport:

WholeGrain: Mono/Stereo Utility:

Xfer Records: OTT:

Youlean: Loudness Meter Free:

Yum Audio: Spread Light:

Zynaptiq: Subspace:
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