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Default Re: Please Avid We All Really Want You to Be Successful

Please Avid We All Really Want You to Be Successful

I feel this would guarantee success for Avid:
(1) Fix Pro Tools 11.
(2) Offer more in Pro Tools 12 than just Track Freeze and Cloud Collaboration. Catch up to features found elsewhere.
(3) Adapt your Licensing and Pricing to actually attract both old and new users.
(4) Appoint DTS JC and Bruce Paine as senior Avid Marketing members – so they can communicate swiftly (without any ambiguity) to real issues posted on the Avid DUC. Give them both the full authority to speak as “the voice of Avid” – so users can heed their advice when making business decisions – safe in the knowledge JC and Bruce’s word is “The Truth from Up-Top”.
(5) Offer your high-end HD users more flexible Plans – such as a “3-Year HD Upgrade Plan” or a “5-Year HD Upgrade Plan” - to lock-in their expensive hardware and software over a workable time-frame. These Plans could be offered for either outright purchase or as an Interest-Free Monthly or Annual Direct Debit – with full balance payable for early-exit.
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