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Default Artist Slow Fader FIX

I am force to say that Avid support team fix my problem.

I follow their recommandation and replace Eucon 3.1.2 by Eucon 3.1.
I need to
1) Download Eucon 3.1 - not 3.12 - from
2) Uninstall eucon from my mac.
3) Repair disk permissions via disk utility.
4) Reboot.
5) Install eucon 3.1.

6) Right click on eucon icon in the applications folder, select "get info".
In the get info box, check the box next to "prevent app nap".
Close the panel, reboot the computer, and see if the lag persists.

I didn't really made the step 6 but... it works.
Everything is now very snappy (Artist mix, control and transport) on my PT 11HD ver 11.1.2

Thank you Brian from Avid support.
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