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Default Re: Eleven Rack Standalone Editor

Sup everyone.. I was having a problem with the Editor that i thought i would share along with the fix. Might help someone.

First I'm running Win 7 SP1. So..

After downloading the editor then launching it. The Icon would end up in the task tray. When you clicked on it, Just barely you would see it flash from the icon to below the screen. Click the icon again and it would flash from the bottom back to the icon. Just like any other program but this would be totally off the screen to where you couldn't see it, and certainly not use it. This was the fix..

To "move" a window from offscreen, do the following:

Click the application in question on the task bar (needs to have focus and be in a restored state)
Move your cursor above the task bar until the thumbnail image appears
Right-click on the thumbnail image (you will be presented with the option menu, one of which is "Move")
Select the "Move" option
Left-click-hold on the desktop and drag the window into view

Hope this helps. Its a Win7 thing and not so much an Avid thing.
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