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peapodpost 01-25-2022 02:29 PM

Big Sur 11.6 vs 11.6.2
Quick question.

Is there any difference as far as PT is concerned?
Or must it be exactly 11.6 per the chart?

off the wall 01-26-2022 09:07 AM

Re: Big Sur 11.6 vs 11.6.2

Originally Posted by peapodpost (Post 2626469)
Quick question.

Is there any difference as far as PT is concerned?
Or must it be exactly 11.6 per the chart?

I have noticed zero issues with both 11.6.1 and 11.6.2 compared to 11.6.

That just means that Avid hasn’t specifically tested the .1 and .2 versions.

Obsidian Dragon 01-26-2022 09:55 AM

Re: Big Sur 11.6 vs 11.6.2
I also slowly transitioned from 11.6 to 11.6.1 and then to 11.6.2 without any issues in an Intel i7 MBP. YMMV if you are on an M1/M1Pro/M1Max. In general, the consensus seems to be that Big Sur seems to run okay but Monterey does not.

peapodpost 01-26-2022 07:16 PM

Re: Big Sur 11.6 vs 11.6.2
Excellent, thank you.

So far so good here, UI slightly more sluggish when scrolling while playing & changing track heights compared to the same system on Catalina and Mojave.

nednednerb 02-15-2022 12:28 PM

Re: Big Sur 11.6 vs 11.6.2
It would be nice to have both of the two options:

1. Updated testing on time for eventual long term standing and use of 11.6.x
point-x releases.
2. I also would LOVE to regularly updated MacOS for all the other bug fixes, especially security fixes.

I've been using ProTools for my professional work for 11 years: much of my work is for a company with large corporate grade security protocols, even just to upload audio; don't want hackers getting into their networks. Being able to update for bugs and securities ONLY requires the testing to clear option 2 above, as well. It needs to move in that direction, not the reverse.

Update schedule has always been very very slow. Even if their testing noted which features had issues, that would be better than "guessing" and "hoping" which is the necessary adoption of the users. We never or rarely get to "expect" a tested release or stay up to date with OS security release until months or years after an OS version is not being updated by Apple anymore..

This issue is that work is my livelihood, and I need security updates, and I also need functioning audio because that's the nature of my work. Digidesign long ago, and now AVID, have a set mission objective to serve their users. Such delays are really annoying and often obstructive.

I much prefer when companies communicate more to their users and at least keep up to date with testing. This is just a very general digression.

off the wall 02-18-2022 10:59 PM

Re: Big Sur 11.6 vs 11.6.2

Been running 11.6.4 for a few days. Lots of mixing this week. No issues.

cyborgssc 02-20-2022 07:28 AM

Re: Big Sur 11.6 vs 11.6.2
I am seeing a problem with hardware enumeration on 11.6.4. I can only see one Core Audio device listed in the Hardware dialog even though I have several. I trashed prefs, and upgraded from 2021.7 to 2021.12, same issue. Fortunately the one device I can see is the one I want right now. Nuendo on the same machine can see all devices. Any others on 11.6.4 notice this?

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