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Eiko 01-04-2004 07:40 PM

How do I best connect these?
Digi001, Swissonic AD24, Swissonic DA24 and Swissonic WD8 (wordclock)
OK, it sounds like I'm having some sort of agreement with Swissonic to mention their name as often as possible,
but after buying their AD and DA (no probs with connecting them) I found the WD8 for very little money and bought it too.
A word clock generator can't hurt, I figured.
Anyway, the 001 hasn't got a word clock input, otherwise it would be a straight forward matter, so how would I connect the 001 to the clock?
Also I read on Lucid's web site that the 001 uses superclock too, is that right?
How do you rate the WD8 anyway, have I just wasted money, or are you now really jealous because I spent only 200 $ for a killer piece of gear,
which would normally cost about 800 or so?
Any suggestion on how to connect this setup best would be appreciated.
Hope y'all had a good new year:-)


Shawn Simpson 01-04-2004 07:55 PM

Re: How do I best connect these?
I have never used any of those pieces, but I'd assume you have the converters connected to the adat optical inputs of your 001 and are clocking the 001 to that optical clock, right? Well, if you connect the word clock generator to the converters (and configure them to lock to it), then the 001 will subsequently be locked to it as well. Basically, your clock flow would be word clock generator > AD converter > 001 Optical. If that generator has an S/Pdif output, you could also connect it there instead. In reality, it's not whether the clock sounds better than the 001's internal clock, but whether it's better than your AD's clock. Congratuations on your purchase. Please let us know if you love it. Be a man and tell us if it's not any better too!!

Hope that helped.

Eiko 01-05-2004 05:55 AM

Re: How do I best connect these?
Hey cool, thanks for your reply:-)
The DA doesn't have Spdif, so what you said makes sense to me. I'll let you know if my killer setup sucks;-)
Good point, will the clocks clock be better than the ADs clock. They might have used the same parts to build it... Haven't got it yet, but end of the week.
It was just too good an opportunity, and even if I can't hear any difference (need my ears cleaned...) the day will come when I want to connect more digital gear, like maybe a digital mixer, and then I'll be glad I bought a Clock generator. It'll make things easier I would think.
Does anyone know more about the superclock issue?

Cheers, E.

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