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inspire 05-19-2024 10:57 AM

Re: Let's hear your latest stuff....right here
Visiting the bird sanctuary in Matsalu.
Matsalus 15. ja 16. mail 2024


I am including the translation of our conversation into English, as it is an important part of this story:

Piret: "So this is the sprat fillet from this morning, taken right here from the harbor - we don't catch the sprat ourselves because we don't have it in the sprat box. We catch fish with a net and..."

Urmas (guest): "Do you catch them yourselves?"

Piret: "Yes, I am a certified coastal fisherwoman, I have been one for four years now. At the end of May, I should also get my small craft operator’s license. These traditions are important to me; I learn it from my father, but it is very difficult. The theory is very easy, but the practice - it is complicated and hard. That's how it is; we bring all the fish for our house ourselves!"

Urmas (guest): "I noticed that the horses were very cool! I didn't expect them to come right under my window!"

Piret: "Yes, they always come! Right now I have locked them up because I have to be at work here, so they are safely there. But, well, tomorrow at nine o'clock you can set your watch by them, they will come out of the yard."

Urmas (guest): "They could have made a bit of noise, they are so quiet, like completely...!"

Piret: "They actually make noise when I whistle somewhere. Because I have trained them to respond to the whistle."

Urmas (guest): "So they start making noise... neighing, when you whistle."

Piret: "Usually, I don't know, people are different and I have trained them to the whistle. Sometimes it happens that I actually call like for dogs, but then I whistle, and from somewhere far away, Lika neighs back at me because she thinks I’m calling her, but actually, I’m calling my dog Luise. The same way, with a whistle!"

Urmas (guest): "Very cool!"

Piret: "Enjoy your meal!"

Urmas (guest): "Thank you!"

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