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henryhill 10-14-1999 02:16 PM

settle this please 001vs2408

>I have a songwriter/project setup based around a Mackie 24x8 desk and (2)
>TASCAM DA-38 tape machines, and have been investigating a DAW for the
>purposes of MIDI (currently sequencing via hardware seq); and editing audio
>tracks. I am buying a G4 400 256RAM ASAP
>I seem to be stuck:
>..... between Logic Platinum (+card); the new DIGI 001; and MOTU 2408/DP.
>The DIGI 001 piece looks great, and I am sold on the PRO TOOLS 5.0 LE interface and the PRO TOOLS concept as "industry standard".
But, it will be harder for me to import tape tracks into this
>config. (ADAT lightpipe only - I am TDIF)
>I like the idea of the TDIF's on the 2408, but it seems a Logic/PRO TOOLS
>combo is a more often used/common standard setup in pro studios - however
>it does not offer the sleek card/interface of the 2408 (great for dumping
>my tape tracks for editing!)
>Am I best mixing and matching (a la Logic sequencing, plus 2408 interfacing
>tape tracks, plus pro tools LE for RTAS plug ins/editing)? ....Wouldn't it
>be best to keep it all under one "brand"?
>Is host based processing/editing there yet? I cannot deal with crashing and
>burning - I like tracking to tape - i hear too many horror stories around CUBASE, etc.
>Should I just get a sequencer (LOGIC) and wait til I can afford TDM/MIXPlus?
>PLEASE HELP! Your thoughts and insight are greatly appreciated. thanks in

Nelson Meirelles 10-15-1999 06:22 PM

Re: settle this please 001vs2408
I'm quite in the same situation of investing in a DAW A.S.A.P. Will the Digi001's MIDI sequencer be so powerful that I won't need to buy the (so called) top sequencer LA Platinum?? Could I have more details on it?
I'll be in NYC in about 2 weeks. Will I find one of these new machines to play with??


Avid 10-16-1999 03:28 PM

Re: settle this please 001vs2408
The Digi 001 tour will be all over New York (and elsewhere) starting this week:

Bruce Paine

henryhill 10-20-1999 01:49 PM

Re: settle this please 001vs2408
After seeing the 001 on tour -

looks great, all inclusive. if starting from scratch, this is a great system and you probably won't need logic....if you already use logic, i understad that emagic will be supporting the 001.

from the look of the system and its feature set, you would be best suited using it by itself as a stand alone, studio in a box. if you are just doing music (not synching to video/external tape decks) in the MAC, it will be a great, cost effective home studio solution...which I think is what DIGI had in mind.

This is not the gear to buy to try to integrate into a full blown, intricately designed setup, with too many different pieces talking to each other.

Think of it as the DIGI/Pro Tools MAC User interface version of a Roland VS1680 - you buy it for what it is and use it for that...when you are ready for more, you upgrade to TDM, add mic pre's, midi interfaces, etc.!!

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