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Southsidemusic 01-21-2021 06:24 AM

Re: If your into API....

Originally Posted by Eric Lambert (Post 2590842)
I'm very much into API, but this is not API, it's Lindell. I'll have to pass.

Thats what I tried to say with maybe too harsh words. Sorry for that :o

And to Jack (Musicman691) Lindell is a cheapo swedish make and the hardware is bust that - Midas Behringer vibe and soundquality and cloning cheap azz gear is where plugin market which is saturated to death have landed.

Lindell cloned API (Badly and far from the API sound) and. Ow Dirk is cloning that LOL ... If anyone want API sound BUY API instesd as these developers need to be stopped with these claims and realize they are miles apart from the originals.

If I sant a Ferrari I won’t buy a Pontiac Fiero and ”Hope” it is a Ferrari just because Pontiac called it a Poor mans Ferrari ;)

As many say, there arent much in the plugin clone wars that hasn’t been done with hundreds if not thousands of ”1176/LA2A/Neve/SSL bla bla bla I mean how many 1176 and 1073 plugin emulations does lne need to make music?

If the Lindell plugins are 150+ dollars you can get the actual 500 series used for a $50-75 bucks extra and still not be happy as Lindell is NOT something that should be emulated. This whole plugin market is soo awash with clones and emulations and I am soo sure there is rinse and repeat with a updated GUI and nothing more.

musicman691 01-21-2021 09:38 AM

Re: If your into API....
Thanks for the explanation. Like I said I had no real idea what Lindell was about. As bad as Behringer eh? Now I KNOW to stay away from his stuff.

Eric Lambert 01-21-2021 11:41 AM

Re: If your into API....
I'd heard that he also has a stranglehold on comments on gearslutz related to his company's products. A conflict of interests where negative critiques aren't allowed due to his moderator status. I've not clicked on a Lindell thread in a long time so I don't know if that's the case, but, to my knowledge, he does still moderate at that forum.

albee1952 01-21-2021 12:29 PM

Re: If your into API....
If you want the API sound on a budget, check out Five Fish Audio and their X-12 preamp. It nails the API 312 preamp sound(at least with the discrete op-amp option).

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