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mrcomber24 05-08-2019 11:06 AM

Soundtoys PurePitch/SoundBlender on PT 6.4.1 TDM (win xp)?

I realize I'm asking an ancient question here, but I've recently resurrected an old TDM Mix rig running PT TDM 6.4.1 on Windows XP. I have a PurePitch & Soundblender license in my ilok account that I was hoping to use. I'm having a hard time figuring out if those were made for the old Mix rigs on XP. I know they worked on Mix rigs on Mac. I've downloaded a bunch of different legacy installers from Soundtoys, but none of them want to activate with my licenses.

Does anyone remember running these two plug-ins on PT TDM 6.4.1 on Windows XP successfully? If so, do you happen to remember what software version you were using?

I would so greatly appreciate any responses. I've spent hours and hours trying to figure this out online, so please forgive me if I missed something.

Thank you!

BScout 05-08-2019 12:52 PM

Re: Soundtoys PurePitch/SoundBlender on PT 6.4.1 TDM (win xp)?
Soundblender did. It worked with PT6 TDM on Windows XP.
Do you happen to have the MassivePack 3 or 4 versions?

You might want to list all the info (or a screenshot with the "detail" section open in iLok manager) of the iLok license.

mrcomber24 05-08-2019 02:06 PM

Re: Soundtoys PurePitch/SoundBlender on PT 6.4.1 TDM (win xp)?
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Thank you very much for the reply BScout. No, they are not the MP3 or MP4 licenses. I have the PurePitch license currently and am negotiating a purchase of the SoundBlender license this week. I've uploaded a screenshot of the PurePitch license detail info--doesn't seem to show much. I've got the hang of navigating the Soundtoys legacy installers URL syntax--I just need to know the version numbers in order to download them. So far I've tried the following installers with no activation luck on my Win XP--6.4.1 TDM rig:


Soundtoys told me that the installers jump from v3.12 to v4.02 and I know version 4 is too new. So I've tried going backwards in versions and found the following, but only in Mac installers.


I'm fairly sure that PurePitch will run on XP with PT7 HD, and I know that it'll run on PT6.4 TDM on a MAC. I'm also 99% sure that while the company was initially operating as Wave Mechanics, those installers are Mac only. I'm holding out hopes that PurePitch will work, but it's not looking good. However, I'm very pleased to hear that SoundBlender will work!

John_Toolbox 05-22-2019 03:35 AM

Re: Soundtoys PurePitch/SoundBlender on PT 6.4.1 TDM (win xp)?
On mix systems for Mac, I believe the 6.4.1 version is 2.x. The bundle of these 3 awesome plugins used to be called “wave mechanics ultratools” ... I can’t remember if the 2.x version changed to soundtoys for branding or if it was still wave mechanics.

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