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MDVolle 08-03-2022 01:40 PM

Hardware settings not saved?
Forgive me if this is a rookie question but I truly haven't seen an answer.

When I start PT, I always get a popup window about clock.

Popup says;

"Clock Source is out of range and the peripherals have been reverted to internal clock"

In Setup/Hardware, the clock master is set to Word Clock (48k) every time I start and I just change it to Word Clock (96k) and it stays set until I close PT.

As this is a "once a day" thing to do, I've just been clicking through setup/hardware and making the change but it would be great if it would stay set.

This happens with opening a project or just opening PT.

System is an iMac Pro with a TB2 HD Native and an Omni - full specs in my profile.

Sample rate always stays set at 96k and that is my default - only the word clock setting defies me...

Word Clock is being fed from an RME interface which is clocking from the external speaker processor via AES. The RME never seems to have any issue and stays locked.



albee1952 08-03-2022 05:28 PM

Re: Hardware settings not saved?
2 things come to mind here:
1-Which exact version of PT? I am having a similar oddity on 2022.7 where I get a message saying "Your hardware does not have sync....", even though it does, and everything works perfectly fine after I click past the message.
2-double-check and swap around all your Word Clock cables. When I had my big rig(dual HD IO and dual 192 IO with Loop Sync), it worked fine for months and then started throwing up messages about lost sync and I found a BNC cable had come loose for no reason(I had not touched anything in the rack since the install).

MDVolle 08-08-2022 12:46 AM

Re: Hardware settings not saved?
I'm running 2022.4.0

I will double check my cables but after making the selection for Word Clock (96k) it says everything is fine and I don't have any sync issues - so the cable seems OK once the setting is correct.

Its odd - as some times the pop-up shows up almost immediately after opening PT and other times it appears after opening a project.

In either case, the response to correcting the setting is the same and it goes on to work fine -

I can open and close various projects and the issue remains solved - but close PT and restart PT - the issue returns.

The clock "circuit" is very short - just the one cable from the RME to the Omni and its short - under 3' with a decent BNC cable.

As long as this is the only ghost in my machine, its a fairly benign one.


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