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RackAddict 08-03-2022 12:58 AM

Where is support? Engine reset error,
Am still on PTHD Native but my. New HDX card is sittin in my bedroom. No sense in installin that unless I can get Native working. On an HP820 win 10 and I don't know why this machine with pro tools have been nothin but shenanigans from this company.

Email support s not helpful at all these people have no dea what they are doing. And just bought the last round of perpetual before it changed to subscription based so the card says updated support plan 1 year. But no code to call in even. Any idea where I can get my code I have to call in? I need serious support. There is so many major issues.

The errors have been the case ever since the last update to the latest HD driver with latest pro tools 2022.7. (do I install the HD driver separately? Or does it install with pro tools).
Errors that do not read any audio input to the interface and errors like "Playback could not be started because of an engine reset. This may happen due to a CPU issue, a problematic driver or because playback was started immediately after an engine change"

Also the error "audio processin could not be complete due to conflicts with other CPU tasks... etc etc.

I don't know what to do anymore is there a way to roll back to the previous software?

And now avid link doesn't work. This is brutal

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Darryl Ramm 08-03-2022 01:48 AM

Re: Where is support? Engine reset error,
Has this ever worked? What changed? You recently purchased a used Digilink interface... did this ever work before that? Does it work with that newly purchased hardware disconnected?

Do you have an ASIO interface in the computer? Does Pro Tools work OK with that?

Have you searched DUC for help? e.g. Avid Link is a steaming pile of buggy bloatware. There is advice all over DUC to uninstall it. Why would you not do that? Uninstall the collaboration mess while there as well.

Avid documents HD drivers are a separate install. Kinda buried, but see the Release Info doc e.g. https://avid.secure.force.com/pkb/ar...6-Release-Info. Make a habit of reading all the release notes/release info docs.

Is your computer fully optimized? Every last thing done no matter how inconvenient?

As for troubleshooting start by reading "help us help you" up the top of every web page.

Troubleshooting Digilink systems problems related to Digilink card/interface etc. typically starts at:

o Trashing prefs
o Running Digitest
o Often you'll end up simplifying the Digilink system as much as possible, one card (well HD Native only has one), one cable, one interface, sync boxes removed etc. You recently purchased a used Digilink interface with bits missing/removed, I'd not trust that at all to begin with. Remove all other necessary peripherals and crap from the computer.
o Uninstalling HD drivers and reinstalling latest ones, being careful to reboot.

What troubleshooting have you done? If you are engaged with Avid support enough to have a negative opinion about them they must have had you doing something... what exactly?

Got a Avid support case number?

What you are saying about support is hard to follow/does not make sense, do you or do you not have an active support plan? If you have one it will say in your Avid account, you file support cases here: https://www.avid.com/learn-and-suppo...-music-support. If you don't have a current support plan active you need to either upgrade to one or purchase an ASC, certainly need to do that to get a phone support case going. As you are buying all this used Digilink peripherals and HDX cards and don't seem super familiar with some of the details/installation etc., you *need* an active support plan. Pro Tools Ultimate/Flex support plan/upgrade/reinstatements list prices are ~$750, currently around $500 at dealers. Don't buy the wrong thing, talk to a sales rep if not sure.

Post a SiSoft Sandra report.

Don't fall into the trap of wasting days troubleshooting, unless you have a good lead on what is up/Avid is guiding you. Especially if your computer is old/has been upgraded a lot etc... then after trying out the obvious stuff grab a clean SSD or partition on one and do a clean Windows test install, ideally from a Microsoft Windows installer (not an OEM recovery disk or partition full of vendor bloatware or drivers). Bring up Windows with the absolute bare necessities of drivers, do not let Windows search for drivers, install things like GPU drivers yourself. Just to get going. Install Pro Tools... does that work?

RackAddict 08-07-2022 04:57 PM

Re: Where is support? Engine reset error,
So I have operation now following a bunch of your and support's advice. Thanks.

Main thing causing it was the outdated graphics card driver.

The only issue remaining now is pro tools sometimes not responding when my Axe fx 3 is connected via USB and same with my torpedo studio connected USB as well.
I'm starting to realize why a lot of companies are not recommending pro tools anymore

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Darryl Ramm 08-07-2022 06:27 PM

Re: Where is support? Engine reset error,
Can't guess what you mean exactly by "not responding" you need to describe exactly what is happening if you want help.

If you expect these devices to work as a playback engine you need to make sure you have ASIO compatible device drivers installed for them (like Fractals drivers support ASIO).

Then secondary issue is often Pro Tools seeming to pick the wrong playback engine whenever it wants to. Hold down 'N' when Pro Tools is starting and pick the correct playback engine. This might also be happening when you *don't* want it to.

Next level problems beyond that may be IO setup and how to default/reset/manage IO settings when the playback engine changes.

albee1952 08-07-2022 08:52 PM

Re: Where is support? Engine reset error,
FWIW, the z800 and z820 machines have very specific requirements as to which slots can be used for HDN and HDX cards. My own z820 ran HDN like a train and I have high praise for those machines. As for USB devices, it could be a current issue, so I wonder if a powered hub might help? Certainly, disabling Power Management on all USB ports is a required tweak that many miss doing at first. I also added a USB3 card to an open slot as the z820 is woefully short on ports:o

RackAddict 08-07-2022 10:54 PM

Re: Where is support? Engine reset error,
When closing sessions it literally says "not responding" at the top of the pro tools window. LOL

Doesn't respond when other USB audio device are plugged in. I use the HD native playback engine I do not use the axe fx 3.

Ive been told that pro tools doesn't like other Usb audio devices simultaneously in operation other than your Midi USB device and that's it.

Is this common or is my chipset at dual 8 core 2.7 use not strong enough to be running axe edit 3 or two notes torpedo remote at the same time?

Or is pro tools not liking such resources used at the same time?

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Obsidian Dragon 08-08-2022 12:31 AM

Re: Where is support? Engine reset error,

Originally Posted by RackAddict (Post 2643939)
Or is pro tools not liking such resources used at the same time?

You are correct. Protools does not like to share. It wants exclusive control and access to the audio interface. So your system sounds, mp3 playback, YouTube videos, browser audio, etc. should not use the audio interface's outputs. You can set those to some other audio device. Dedicate the audio interface that you use with Protools to only work with Protools. This is legacy design back in the day when audio drivers were single client. Even now, where audio drivers are multi client, Protools is not always willing to play with others. Some folks have it working, but it really depends on the audio driver and Protools working together nicely.

Darryl Ramm 08-08-2022 12:46 AM

Re: Where is support? Engine reset error,
You only have this "not responding" problem when closing sessions? And only when you are running Axe-Edit etc? Or what does "not respond" when you connect other devices? What do you expect Pro Tools to do? You mean Windows overall/Windows device manager does not see the device when you connect it? That happens only when Pro Tools is running? You need to describe exactly what is happening very clearly, just like we were not there and are clueless.

Many closing sessions problems are caused by plugins or corrupt sessions. You should be able to check for both of those. Make sure you are saving the sessions to an NTFS volume on a high performance hard drive or better SSD. And as always check every optimization has been done.

I've not noticed Axe Edit being a CPU hog. If you are running out of CPU power you will typically get AAE CPU errors or occasionally other AAE errors, but not things like "not responding", that likely a different cause. Make sure ignore errors is not checked so you do see all actual CPU errors. FWIW I have no trouble running FM3-Edit (yes I know a rack unit is on my list) while using Pro Tools on my MacBook Pro, sorry don't use it on a PC. I expect if you ask here and on the Fractal forums you might find lots of other users using Axe-Edit etc. while using Pro Tools on a PC.

If Avid support is working this I hope they have Pro Tools log files of sessions where this happens.

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