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IntelDoc 03-25-2005 11:04 PM

Still working with the screamers....
So today we tracked guitars and managed to get the song pretty much done minus the bass and vocal (screamer) tracks. The band is pretty heavy and very riff based. I decided to buy the URs Everything bundle tonight and it really helped me with the drums. That NEVE plug really rocks... Worth the purchase for just that honestly. So we tracked the drums 2 days ago, and got a pretty good sound. Still mixing the cymbals in. Right now they are still a tad too hot, but the kick is pretty sweet....

Drums were done a bit different this time. Took the kick rear head off and used the D6 right about midway in the shell. Ran that through the 1272. Snare was a SM-57 into the 1272 compressed in through the 1176 and into the Apogee. Everything was into the APOGEE for this. Toms were 421's into the Trident 80B and eq'd to taste. Overheads were 012's with the -10db apsules on into the DigiPRE. Clean into Pro Tools. I also close mic'd the hat with a 012 into the Trident S20. Threw a room mic up this time using the RODE NTK into the DigiPRE as well. Really helped clear up stuff, maybe too much. The drummer was happy though.

The drums only have the URS NEVE plugin on the KICK and SNARE and the LA-2A as well. Nothing else on the song has Eq yet.

Guitars were pretty fun tonight. Used a Boogie Dual Rectifier, JCM 800 and a Fender Prosnic to make a wall of sound. I like it so far. Basically mic'd the Bogner cabinet with a 421 and a 57 into the 1272 into Pro Tools. Then mic'd the 2x12 Boogie cab with a 609 and a 421 and ran that to the pair of X73i's. Got a great tone out of all of them. Put the 4x12 into the larger room and mic'd it there. Added a slight plate reverb to the snare and overheads. Toms have a slight verb and a funky test delay to the one guitar riff at the beginning. Still testing it, but so far I am happy with the sound. really went in and CUT the guitar parts heavily to make then more stuccato feeling. Really tightened up the tracks too. Experimented with the intro.. not a keeper....

The drummer played to a click so that really, really helped things sync up better.

Anyways, no vocals yet, or bass, and the tracks will most likely be panned better and such as we figure where we want things. I dig it so far...


Of course Comments or ideas please.... Te edits and fades will happen soon, (yes you will hear some cutting in there...) just wanted to throw this out for a listen.. keep this place rockin'!

- Doc

El-Kamfer 03-26-2005 01:15 AM

Re: Mac Mixes!!!!!!!!
Postrock thing, recorded and mixed on a G4 450 mhz with a 002r.

project 004

hope you like it

Roy Howell 03-26-2005 09:59 AM

Re: Still working with the screamers....
Good job so far, Chris...kick and overall drums sound good, though something about the snare sounds a little thin. Hard to judge overall without the bass there. Post the next phase when you can.


Roy Howell 03-26-2005 10:59 AM

Re: Off the top of my head...

my major #1 problem, I just record in my band's rehearsal room. 160 sq. ft. room, rectangle, everything in one room so the room sound is horrid = gating drums, reverb sends on snare, OH, etc. but hopefully soon I'll a studio to call my own with good acoustics.

I'de say you're doing a very good job under the conditions...post more when you can.


smlamb 03-26-2005 07:06 PM

Re: Still working with the screamers....
IntelDoc - great tune - sounds great! - I'm a fan of the hard rockers...

Here's my first go at home recording on PTLE - recorded in my garage studio... looking for comments/help as its my first mix and master job, actually first of everything to do with recording on my own. the DUC has been extremely useful in learning the ropes.

link: http://members.shaw.ca/edaema/mp3/
song is called "Save Me" but is listed as "In the Park" on that site.

or go through our website at www.atfband.com and pick "In the Park" under "Audio"

we're a rock band on the harder side, but tried something new on the verse sections... I'm not totally sold on it and may revert back to the straight ahead drums for that section... anyway have a listen and any comments please... go easy I'm a newby..


IntelDoc 03-27-2005 07:42 AM

Re: Still working with the screamers....
Thanks for the comments. It is still very rough, but I am pretty happy with the tones at least. Still needt o recut the guitars. Cut them a little too much I think now after listening. The drums will be tamed some too. Too much hat. We shall see what the future hols with it. 4 more to track as well.

Your tune is good fo a first attempt. Are the drums real or fake? Sounds have and have. I hear some loops in there too? Maybe? Sounds like the fades are not on, I hear some artifacts or digital pops from cuts? Vocals sound nice. Guitars are pretty fat too. Recorded or direct?

Nice tune...

- Doc

smlamb 03-27-2005 08:35 AM

Re: Still working with the screamers....
Thanks IntelDoc - yes the drums on the verse are a fake/loop and the heavy bits are real drums and real drummer. guitars were mic'd cabinets - sm57 - mesa boogie single rectifier amp.

when you say "fades are not on" can you describe a bit more what you mean?

also as for digital pops - you are correct - for some reason when I was punching in certain sections for the guitars using a foot pedal connected to the 002r I kept getting little "clicks and pops" on my punch in and punch out points - I tried to get rid of them, but didnt get them all. any ideas on what might be causing this? its a bit of problem. I also seem to get these clicks and pops when I copy one bar of a piece and paste it over another paste - as in when correcting flubbed sections with good ones. help!?

thanks for your help

IntelDoc 03-27-2005 11:36 AM

Re: Still working with the screamers....
Take your tracks that are cutup say... the drum track. Highlight the entire track and do a "control-f" and apply fades throughout the track. Do that to all the tracks that are cutup lik that and it should take care of the slight pops. just a standard crossfade on all the parts cut will help out a lot.

control f is your friend Try that and see what it does.

- Doc

smlamb 03-27-2005 12:27 PM

Re: Still working with the screamers....
that did the trick! thanks for tip Doc!

badperson 03-27-2005 03:08 PM

Re: Still working with the screamers....
a lot of nice stuff here lately, finne, doc, rational punk, and everyone else, great work.

and now, for your enjoyment, my latest.

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