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martinh 11-30-2021 04:43 AM

Re: Linking em up

Originally Posted by JFreak (Post 2620684)
Yes, you can have maximum of two boxes connected to one card. It is a design feature of the DigiLink cable: sure it is capable of carrying 32 i/o but the way it is done means your first box primary port uses channels 1-16 (whether the interface is capable of so many or not) and the expansion port uses channels 17-32 (whether the interface is capable of so many or not).

So with a one card setup, you have the long cable from card to box one's primary port, then short cable from box one's expansion port to box two's primary port. Then connect the Loop Sync cabling and you are done.

Yeah that makes sense thanks.

Would the Optical ports not give me another 8 i/o if I connected one up via light pipe? The manual seems to suggest that another 8 i/o is possible utilizing this?

martinh 11-30-2021 04:44 AM

Re: Linking em up

Originally Posted by JFreak (Post 2620685)
To my earlier comment, I am actually not sure about 96 box being limited to 2 digital i/o. I do remember that it has AES and SPDIF (2-channel) but it may also have 8-channel ADAT connectors. In that case it could use all 16 channels of DigiLink. Been so long since I last used 96 interface, sorry.

Ah ok. Ill just have a play and see what works. Cheers, much apricated.

JFreak 11-30-2021 04:53 AM

Re: Linking em up
No problem. These boxes are about 20 years old but still in working condition on current PT software. You just need adapters to be able to connect to the new smaller mini DigiLink (those two are electrically compatible) and of course they are unsupported, but nevertheless the old blue DigiDesign branded boxes still work in current systems.

But... to repeat earlier suggestion, if you get a good deal it is worth upgrading to 192 interfaces. Much better clocking and AD. That of course would necessitate change in your analog cabling as the 192 boxes only use DB25 connectors, not individual TRS.

albee1952 11-30-2021 09:29 AM

Re: Linking em up
If the 96 boxes have lightpipe IO, that's a great way to expand your options. Start by opening the Hardware page and see if lightpipe IO is shown. Next, open your IO setup>Input tab and see if the lightpipe Inputs show across the top of the grid. Assuming they do, then some lightpipe preamps would work to give you more inputs. There are tons of options for this but my favorites are: Behringer ADA8200(the red one); at around $200, it does a fine job. and the killer option is the Midas XL-48. Its closer to $900, but its stellar on drums:o

JFreak 11-30-2021 09:36 AM

Re: Linking em up
Okay thanks. I hate ADAT so maybe that's why I forgot. I mostly use AES/EBU when I connect digital. ADAT connectors and cables are just asking for trouble IMO... but yes, in this case one 96 box seems to be able to give 8 analog i/o and 8 digital i/o (at 48k that is).

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