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jongnaiad 04-27-2022 04:55 AM

Could anyone help me fix this - AAX 64 issue - Multiple errors
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I am checking all the topics here about the error -7054 but I didn't find any answer.
I am using Pro Tools 12.3.1
Everything was working fine for years... Today I got the Error -7054.. all the sudden and for unknown reason :(

It happens when I try to load certain plugins. The plug ins work fine on other DAW such as Ableton Live but they are no longer recognised correctly by Pro Tools..

I am using mac OS El Capitan 10.11.6 (works fine for all my other softwares)
I removed some prefs and caches too, I repaired the permissions and ran a bunch of cleaning actions but the problem is still there.

I don't use any external drive to run pro tools and my plugins.
Looks like it's related to the AAX 64 format but I don't get it since it was working perfectly fine until now and the plugins I use have AAX 64 format..
I don't want to re-install pro tools, upgrade (can't afford it right now..) nor change too many things in it. It would be a mess in my setup.. My system is complex and I was happy with it until now, so it would be best to avoid a complete re-install. Also I don't think it comes from the Pro Tools install.

I also tried to reinstall one missing plugin but it didn't change anything. "GrainSpace" by Audiority that should work fine in AAX 64. I bought it in January and it was working very well. After re-install it works perfectly on Ableton but it still recognise as a "non 64 plugin" by Pro Tools. When I try to patch it with BlueCat Patchwork to run it with a VST, it's not working either on PT.

Do you have any idea how to fix the issue.. ?

I attached a few screen shots to show you the messages i get.

Thank you for your help

jongnaiad 05-05-2022 01:45 AM

Re: Please help - AAE error -7054 - AAX 64 issue
Hi everyone,

I unfortunately didn't fix the problem. Could anyone redirect me to the right place to ask for help? Looks like nobody in the legacy section knows about that kind of error..

Thank you

BScout 05-05-2022 02:13 AM

Re: Please help - AAE error -7054 - AAX 64 issue
This error is always (99.9999%) about the plugin.
If a plugin works in Ableton (or other DAW) it doesn't really matter since none of them use AAX format plugins while Pro Tools only uses AAX format.

Go into your Pro Tools plugin directory and delete (first!) any GrainSpace plugin files.
Then open Pro Tools (it will scan plugin changes to that directory and remove any GrainSpace info it had collected previously)
Then close Pro Tools
Then run the Grainspace installer.
Then open Pro Tools again (it will now take another scan of the plugin directory, hopefully find your newly installed plugin, and then add the info it just scanned to its plugin info cache.)

Load a blank session. Insert Grainspace and make sure it still shows licensed.

If you still have problems, contact Audiority.

jongnaiad 05-05-2022 10:21 AM

Re: Please help - AAE error -7054 - AAX 64 issue
Thank you for your reply and advices.. Unfortunately it doesn't change anything to do that.

If I mentioned that the plugins work well on Ableton, it is simply because when I patch their VST version to Pro Tools (using Blue Cat's Patch Work), it is still not working while that same VST perfectly work on other DAWs.
I used to patch VSTs on PT with no issue.

Once more Grainspace use to work in AAX 64 and also in VST (on Ableton and Pro Tools)

and now I get that error "The following plug-ins failed to load because they are not valid 64 bit AAX plug-ins" when Pro Tools scans the plugs.. and I get the error "plugin missing" when i try to use them on VST with the Blue Cat's Patch Work tool.

It indicates that the problem comes from something else than the actual plugins. Maybe a directory to erase, a preference to erase...? I don't know. it's a very strange error.

Thanks for your help

Anyone else had that issue? thank you

jongnaiad 06-24-2022 06:25 AM

Re: Please help - AAE error -7054 - AAX 64 issue
Hi everyone,

My system is still not working. I would really need some help if anyone has an idea? Thanks a lot
Have a nice weekend!

Darryl Ramm 06-24-2022 08:01 AM

Re: Please help - AAE error -7054 - AAX 64 issue
see avid.secure.force.com/pkb/articles/en_US/Error_Message/AAE-7058-Error-Plug-ins-Failed-to-Load

Seems very much what might have happened here. I believe that problem may have hit El Captain users as well. Even if you don't think an iOS device could have triggered this do what the KB article says.

The bumble fart screw up here by Apple in low level CoreAudio code infected many plugins via their developers just using the JUCE framework. It is quite plausible this causes plugins to fail to work in Bluecat Patchwork but seem to run OK elsewhere.

Charlie Glasgow 09-11-2022 03:05 PM

Re: Could anyone help me fix this - AAX 64 issue - Multiple errors
I have been running Pro Tools on my 2009 Mac Pro Tower, 2.66 processor, Quad core Intel Xeon. OS is El Capitan and have encountered the same issue just last night. Error message is identical and I can't load:

AEE Error 7054 encountered

Following plug-ins have been made inactive because of insufficient system requirements.

1. Superior Drummer 3

2. Virtual BK Hammond organ.

3. Steven Slate mix rack with comps and eq's either.

They've been on my system for quite a spell and I've not even been on this forum since 2013, so things have gone well. I'm running Pro Tools 11 with 48 gig of ram. Harrison Mix bus is not loading either. I also get errors that I'm not running at 44k and I've switched the Presonus 1818 from 44k to 48k with no success. This software has been running fine for a long time with zero issues and now I'm stuck. There has to be a fix for this somewhere.

Nothing running in the background and I did a force quit on anything open. I own the apps and they are fully registered. Has anybody solved this issue yet? Thanks for reading.

jongnaiad 10-04-2022 11:36 AM

Re: Please help - AAE error -7054 - AAX 64 issue
Hello, did you find a way to fix it?

I kind of lost hope to restore my system and so I don't use those plugins for now...

I tried many things already and can't find a way to fix it. Any new advice?

Thank you

Darryl Ramm 10-04-2022 12:00 PM

Re: Please help - AAE error -7054 - AAX 64 issue
This has been going on for 5 months now? What has the plugin vendor said or done about this? They are in the best situation to provide help.

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