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clam 09-07-2002 02:02 PM

Bomb Factory problems on XP?
Now that more Digi001 users have switched to XP, I was wondering if anyone is still having problems with the Bomb Factory plug ins with XP and 5.3.1.
I was going to wait for the new Bomb Factory release before switching to XP. I beginning to wonder if the BF RTAS plug ins will ever be converted to XP, especially after the Digi/BF hostility seen on this board.

I am aware of the XP recommendations for using Bomb Factory under Compatibility Mode, but as I recall, some users still had plug in problems under XP.
Is this still the case or have these problems been worked out?
Will Bomb Factory ever convert RTAS plug ins to XP????

Phil O'Keefe 09-07-2002 04:11 PM

Re: Bomb Factory problems on XP?
They were supposed to be finished already... they were last scheduled to be released by 8/26, but since that time they posted that they're in final testing and status is "day by day". IOW, they will probably be ready any time now - or whenever BF feels like it! [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

Using Win 2K or NT4 (SP5) compatability mode has worked for some people, but by no means all - and it's not supported or recommended by BF. But if you're feeling brave, here's what you can do:

Get a copy of Norton Ghost 2002. Do a drive image of your C drive. Test it and make sure it works. Unauthorize any and all plug ins as per manufacturer's instructions. Then wipe the C drive, install XP and install PT 5.3.1. Install all plug ins. Then try the NT4 (SP5) / Win 2K compatability modes on the PT.EXE file. If it works, you're golden. If it doesn't, you can go back (via Ghost) to your old Win 98se / ME setup in a matter of a few minutes. Oh, make sure you Ghost the WIN XP setup once you have it installed so that you can quickly get back to THAT point whenever you want to in the future (like, after BF gets their upgrades done).

Stone Knife 09-07-2002 04:53 PM

Re: Bomb Factory problems on XP?
that would have been, for the 21st time, I believe, Phil?

clam 09-08-2002 02:41 PM

Re: Bomb Factory problems on XP?
Phil, Thanks for your detailed reply.
- Chris

Phil O'Keefe 09-08-2002 04:03 PM

Re: Bomb Factory problems on XP?

Originally posted by Stone Knife:
that would have been, for the 21st time, I believe, Phil?
<font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial">I dunno... I lost track after the first dozen. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

Chris: What Stone is referring to is that we've been all through this issue several times here on the DUC. There's just a lot of questions that get asked over and over, and while we all don't mind helping people whenever we can, doing so for the umpteenth time for the same question gets old after a while. That's what the "search" feature is for. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

But anyhow, I'm glad I could help.

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