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Greendad 08-04-2021 02:42 PM

Audio Glitches with Midas Venice F32 and ProTools 10HD
First time Forum user. (So bare with me).

A few years ago I purchased a Midas Venice F32 to be my main Audio interface. I primarily record a live band setting. 16 channels of audio at this point in time.
I'm using ProTools10HD which I purchased preinstalled on a hard drive.

Previously I was using ProTools 8LE with a digi003 Rack+ and a Focusrite 8 channel preamp for 16 channels of live recording. Never had this problem that I'm having now.

I'm getting a bizarre audio glitch that exists across all channels on playback. It happens at random times (but exists within the recording). None of the 16 tracks show the glitch within the wave form. If I solo each track, the glitch is audible on every channel, at the same time. Again, it doesn't show up in the wave form. It can happen when the audio is quiet, or when the band is "rocking". It's not an overload, or cliping signal.

I thought maybe upgrading the RAM from 8GB to 16GB would solve the issue. Not the case. Just had a session last night, and on the first song, there were a few spots in the song, where this glitch happened. We moved a year ago, and the problem existed in the old house too. So it's definitely a problem either in the board or the software.

Any insight in the community?

Greendad 08-10-2021 08:19 AM

Audio Glitches with Midas Venice F32 and ProTools 10HD
Need help!

I've been getting random audio glitches that don't show up in the waveform, but do exist on every track. (When soloing each track, the glitch is there, in the same spot across all channels, but is not displayed in any of the waveforms).

I'm recording 16 channels of "live" audio. I upgraded my ram from 8GB to 16GB hoping that would solve the problem. Hasn't helped. Anyone have any ideas?


JFreak 08-10-2021 09:14 AM

Re: Audio Glitches with Midas Venice F32 and ProTools 10HD
Hi, welcome to the community.

Without any more info, my best educated guess would be a clocking problem. There are likely two digital devices both trying to be the Clock Master and that is a big no-no. One needs to lock to another's clock (some document calls it "slaving") so there is only one "heartbeat" for everyone.

Greendad 08-11-2021 08:53 AM

Re: Audio Glitches with Midas Venice F32 and ProTools 10HD
Thanks JFreak.

It seems to me that the board (which is the interface) and the computer are locked at 48k. That part seems as it should be. What more information would be helpful? I'll provide.

I've have asked three of my friends who use protools for a living and this problem is a mystery to them.

I have the buffer size set to the max (1024), since I'm recording a live band.

Thanks for any help community!

albee1952 08-11-2021 02:48 PM

Re: Audio Glitches with Midas Venice F32 and ProTools 10HD
Other possible issues to consider:
1-Bypass or deactivate every plugin in the session and test. If the glitches are gone, then its a plugin(maybe in demo mode)
2-Change the playback buffer to 1024 and test. If that stops the glitching, then the computer has an issue(tough to say now as we know nothing about the computer)
3-What are the exact specs of the hard drive that you are recording to?

Greendad 08-13-2021 11:08 AM

Re: Audio Glitches with Midas Venice F32 and ProTools 10HD
Thanks albee1952!

My Specs:

System Details
Mac (2009) OS X 10.7.5.
2.66 GhZ quad
16 GB memory
ProTools HD10 10.3.10

1 - I never record with plugins. (I only add plugins when I'm mixing the tracks).
2 - Buffer is always set to 1024
3- See above.

I used to do the same type of recording (16 tracks of live recording) using the same computer but with a Digi003 rack+ and a focusrite octopre. Going to Protools 8 LE. Never, ever had this audio glitch.

Oh...and all the audio is and was (previous interface) being recorded to a Lace 1TB external drive.

The only thing that's changed is introducing the Midas Venice F32 as the interface, and getting a hardrive (internally mounted in the Mac tower) that contains ProTools 10HD.

What is the biggest mystery is that the glitches are random (or so it seems to be) and they do not show up in any of the wave forms but exist across every recorded channel during playback, at the same spot. Meaning, during playback, if there was a glitch sound at say, 1:20:21 of a 5 minutes song, the glitch will always be at 1:20:21.

Some of our tunes are longish...like 7-12 minutes long. During a song with that length, I usually experience 3-4 glitch points in that time frame. Again...it doesn't effect the audio being captured. That audio sounds accurate, except for the fact that their is this audible glitch that resides on all the recorded tracks. And it doesn't correlate with higher gain sections of the material....it can happen during the quietest part of a song. (Ruling out digital clipping).

From my old method to the new, only two things changed. The interface used...Midas Venice F32, and the drive that houses the software. Everything else has stayed the same.

Oh, and we moved to a new house in July 2020, and the problem followed us. (So as to rule out any electrical discrepancies).

I've talked to two of my Protools friends who use the software for a living, and they are flummoxed. (I could import an example of the glitch if it would help). Can you do that within this forum?

Thanks for any guidance.


albee1952 08-26-2021 12:53 PM

Re: Audio Glitches with Midas Venice F32 and ProTools 10HD
Sorry but I have no more ideas to offer. But please go delete your duplicate posting for the same issue. Select the EDIT option and scroll down to find the Delete Post option.

DetroitT 10-25-2021 07:40 AM

Re: Audio Glitches with Midas Venice F32 and ProTools 10HD
Pro Tools HD10 software only correct?
No HD cards?
An iLok dongle with HD license?
What is the digital connection to Mac?
If Firewire, is clock set to internal?

Darryl Ramm 10-25-2021 12:44 PM

Re: Audio Glitches with Midas Venice F32 and ProTools 10HD
So you've done some useful debugging sofar and confirmed the glitch is not in the waveform. But take this further... is the glitch coming from the DAW or from the playback monitors/speakers etc. Disconnect the monitors and listen on a headphone. (I don't know if the monitor section headphone on the F32 can monitor DAW outputs or not, check the documentation, you might need a seperate headphone amp, or try something else, anything else but the monitors and monitor signal chain you are using now.).

Possible causes for weird things like this is RF interference (GSM cell phones, with a characteristing GSM interference sound) or maybe clocking problems on playback. Completely power off and plusically disconnect as much stuff as you can, including removing all input cables, other cables etc. from the F32 while trying to get a clean playback. Double check it's not in the source signal by playing back something like a test sine wave. make sure the V32 is properly grounded, and as already mentioned check with headphones connected to it, and nothing else (just a Firewire and power cables).

I'm not sure why you suspected RAM would help this, we have no clue what's causing it. After you try all the above I might try a different Firewire cable, very unlikely to be that... but on rare occasions you see weird flakey stuff with Firewire cables.

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