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wiseal1 12-09-2009 09:31 AM

Problem with 002 main outs as well as head phone outs?
I've had my my 002 for a long time now. Had upgraded recently to 7.4
running on mac g5 single processor 4 gigs of ram. Sending this to yamaha o2r v2 via lightpipe. I have recorded new sessions since up grading and had no problems but ...

Started a new session yesterday and client stated I can only hear out of one side of the head phones the left side. Checked all the obvious things and nothing was different than from any other sessions. Put head phones on myself and connected them to the front of the digi 002 headphone out and only heard out of the left side. Checked to see if I was monitoring in mono, that was not the case. Infact the mono the mute didn't seem to be working either. I then did a test recording. This was a hip hop session so I imported audio to the 2 track and was just recording vocals. I realized that I was only hearing the music and vocals on left side. I panned every thing to right nothing on that side. I rebooted the computer and shut down every thing and went through the process, but this time I opened a previously recorded project. Same situation at playback on the o2r I noticed the same problem. Put the headphones back on and the same thing.

I am really perplexed. It seems to me 002 is broken some how...? Anyone experience this?:confused:

stainless 12-09-2009 10:32 AM

Re: Problem with 002 main outs as well as head phone outs?
Have you tried changing to outputs 3/4, 5/6, 7/8?

I suppose it's possible you've lost that output channel

wiseal1 12-10-2009 12:22 PM

Re: Problem with 002 main outs as well as head phone outs?
Same situation!:confused: I guess it's a signal to make a move to the 003.

djkiller 12-10-2009 12:36 PM

Re: Problem with 002 main outs as well as head phone outs?
don't feel too bad i had my pcb board which has my firewire connections blow out 2 months ago and spent 350 to fix it on my digi002. it might actually be cheaper than you think so i would get an estimate first. not to knock anyone but with the digi 003 if you plan on using spdif for any external converter,preamps ect. if you do that i hear there is an issue still being worked out. but the fact it has the world clock option is pretty sweet. going for a digi003 is more money and you're left with a digi002 collecting dust no one wants. this is my opinion but i would look into getting an estimate on repair and when i did it the guy even fixed little things and extra screw and faders in the same cost and was really nice...other option i would consider if you plan on dishing out that kind of money and jumping ship depending on your budget is get an ensemble from apogee unless you are dead set on protools as the esemble has great converters and more features with logic i think. or if you have more money but can't afford hd and don't need but two channels now and want to grow with better quality maybe a rosetta 200 or 800 and a nice dual pre and a symphony card to make a jump in quality.

i was looking at moving up and decided to repair and keep my digi 002 and just add onto the spdif 3,000 of conversion,pres and analog summing instead to be able to use logic and protools which i need both. but i can still take the 3,000 worth of new gear and go anyway with it and even keep my digi 002 as a dongle if i wanted to jump ship. but i looked at all options and going hd and trading in you still have to buy new preamps and more stuff and it ends up being way more pricey than going native with apogee stuff. so if you do decided to jump ship instead of repair do some research becasue better solutions, quality and options are becoming available at decent prices in the 2,000-5,000 range these days for us people who can't blow 20,000.

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