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LukeFromBerlin 03-31-2012 05:28 PM

Toggle Track view ("Opt"+"-") doesn't work
I am still on PT8, but I hope this is the right forum for my problem...

PT Manual (and the DUC) says pressing "Option" and "-" toggles Track view between waveform and volume view (for all tracks)

Somehow this does not work for me, although I WISH I could use this function. I tried everything for hours.

When I press "-" by itself ....the activated region nudges.

When I press "Option" and "-" ... I get this bizarre error message:
"No Automation could be written because automation recording/playback is disabled for each of the individual controls and/or automation recording is disabled in the automation enable window"

I dont WANT to record any automation, I want to toggle the track view

The Shortcuts PDF says this works on "QWERTY" Keyboards only. I have a german keyboard, so it's "QWERTZ" (Y and Z positions are exchanged) ...but that can't be the reason, can it ?

Tried all variations of "Command" and "-", "Option" and "Shift -" etc etc. No chance.

Any clues or thoughts ?


PD-John 03-31-2012 11:36 PM

Re: Toggle Track view ("Opt"+"-") doesn't work
Are you pressing the right key? It's the one between "0" and "=".

LukeFromBerlin 04-01-2012 01:31 AM

Re: Toggle Track view ("Opt"+"-") doesn't work
I have 4 Keyboards flying around in the studio, all with an extra numeric keypad. On all of them the "-" is either on the "main" keyboard at the bottom, between "." and the right hand "shift" key... plus another "-" is located, as a part of the numeric keypad, to the right of the "9" (below "*" and above "+"). Both don't work.

Judging by the keyboard stickers supplied by protools, the key between "." and the shift key (also used for "_" <underscore>, using shift) should be right.... :confused:

Does someone perhaps know about a little tool to make the "ASCII" codes for keyboards visible ? Then perhaps somebody (on whose keyboard the toggle works) could tell me the ASCII-code for the right key combination (Option-Minus) and then I could experiment with my (strange ?) keyboards how to get this ASCII...perhaps using a different key-combination.... ?

Or perhaps a different solution ?

PS: I am not in zoom toggle mode without knowing, I checked that.

LukeFromBerlin 04-01-2012 05:43 AM

Re: Toggle Track view ("Opt"+"-") doesn't work
************ SOLVED ***************

Thanks to PD Johns post I came up with the idea to check the apple online store for US-AMERICAN Keyboards (!) and look closely at them. And -he is right - on THESE keyboards the "-" is located between "0" and "=".

What do the german keyboards have there ? Something we call "sharp S" (ß)

So when I press "Option-Sharp-S" ;) it WORKS :-)

Hope this is helpful for all users with Keyboards different from US ... look what YOU have next to the "0" ....

Cheers from a Happy Bunny

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